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To all those who struggle, who are different, and who need love.

Please Please PLEASE read this to the end, even if you do not love or believe in God.

I try not to become angry when I see someone who is actively speaking out against God or doubters who are fervent in their mission to make others doubt. 

Okay, so at first I get kind of mad. And I start to think, who do they think they are?

But then I start to think, who do I think they are?

They are a child of God. They are a human being, created with just as much meticulous thought and love as I was. They are blessed in Christ. They struggle, just as I do sometimes.

And then, I feel regret. Regret, because I cannot save EVERYONE I encounter. I don’t know if you’ve ever felt this kind of regret, especially with someone you are close to that you simply cannot seem to reach with the Spirit. It is heart wrenching. It is HORRIBLE.
And then I start to think about how GOD must feel about this person! He loves them more than ANYTHING! And He has to live with their rejection of Him ALL THE TIME!

The point of this seemingly pointless post is that Christians don’t approach atheists or non-believers or doubters to debate or argue to the point of stalemate. Okay, some may, but that’s not very Christian of them. But true Christians should feel pained by sadness over the turmoil that this person will face without God. And they should want to help to plant the seeds of faith, LOVINGLY.

I’m sorry if you’ve ever been wronged by a Christian or someone who follows God. People are corrupt. We cannot perfectly represent Christ or his love. And a lot of “Christians” don’t even try. 
I vow will try never to post anything hateful or untrue. I vow will try to be as Christ-like as I can. I vow will try to love you no matter who you are.  Because I can’t be perfect. Because no HUMAN is. But I will do my best to be your friend. And I will do everything I can to help you through this difficult, mysterious, joyful, and sometimes hurtful life.

God loves you, and so should I.

So I will.