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I’m so tired.

And I just can’t shake it.

I’m tired in my bones, and in my mind, and in my heart.

And I just can’t rise up right now.

Why do I feel so tired?

I’m just tired. It’s only been 4 days since I really found Christ. And I’m exhausted. My bones feel heavy. This weekend and the beginning of this week have been really busy and I’ve been really passionate in God. It feels as if it’s been weeks.
I’m not losing faith, or losing steam even. It’s just that today, right now, I’m so extremely tired. I just can’t be enthusiastic or excited about anything right now. I’m happy, and I’m content. But I’m sad, in the way that we get sad when we’re really exhausted. I think I’m going to take a nap.

What do you guys suggest I do to get some genuine relaxation and rest, or why do you think I feel so tired? 


I am usually a pretty patient, caring, understanding person. But right now, I am absolutely full of rage. All my posts tonight will be extremely angry, I know it.

But I am just SICK and TIRED of people acting like they know everything! I am so SICK of people thinking that they can continue living the way they are and NOT go to HELL!!!! I am SICK of people’s ignorance and BLINDNESS!!! I am SO SICK of people taking God’s love and SPITTING IT BACK IN HIS FACE. 

You may as well have nailed Him to the cross yourself.